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31 in the summer when plants are storing sugar that

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Unformatted text preview: istematic cells D) mesophyll cells E) secondary cells 26. Which of the following is NOT included by the bark? A) Cork B) cork cambium C) vascular cambium D) primary phloem E) secondary phloem 3 27. Apical meristems are located A) scattered throughout the plant. B) in cylinders along the side of the root. C) between the xylem and the phloem. D) in clusters in the parenchyma. E) at the ends of the roots and stems. 28. The annual growth ring of the tree is formed because _________ A) primary and secondary xylem grow in different speed across years. B) Secondary xylem grows in different speed through the year C) Secondary phloem penetrate into xylem tissues. D) Vessels block and waste accumulates to cause darker layers. E) Vascular cambium produce xylem and phloem in different speed through the year. 29. The relationship between legumes and Rhizobium is _____. A) mutualistic B) predatory C) parasitic D) competitive E)...
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