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BIOL1030-Lecture test2-student

47 in the cohesiontension theory the cohesion part

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Unformatted text preview: Which of the following are NOT the carnivorous plants. A) sundews. B) butterworts. C) epiphytes. D) pitchers. E) Venus flytrap. 42. Nitrogen ­fixing bacteria in the soil _____. A) convert atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia B) use nitrates to make amino acids that plants can use C) convert nitrate to ammonium D) convert nitrates to N2 E) change ammonium into nitrates 43. A rootless, green plant is found growing on the branches and trunks of rainforest trees, but lacks any apparent adaptation for collecting rainwater. This plant is most likely A) a parasite D) A symbiotic plant B) a nitrogen ­fixing plant. E) A carnivorous plant C) An epiphyte 5 44. Cation exchange between root hair and soil particles is due to the release of _______ from root hair, resulting in the formation of ________ A) H2O, H+ D) NaCl, Na+ B) Sugar, cations E) All of above C) CO2, CO32 ­ 45. In alternation of generation of plants when a spore germinates, what is formed? A) a plant which produces spores when mature B) a...
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