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BIOL1030-Lecture test2-student

B root pressure exceeds transpiration pull e

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Unformatted text preview: er on endodermis cells of the root which forces water and minerals to enter the endodermal cells. B) A hard layer of endodermis cells of the root which is used to protect root. C) An endodermis cell layer with thin cell wall which is functional as water and minerals transport into xylems. D) A waxy layer on endodermis cells of root which actively transport sugars and minerals to enter vascular tissues. E) A waxy outermost layer of root which is used to block water transport through apoplastic pathway. 35. Root hairs are most important to a plant because they A) contain xylem tissue. D) store starches. B) provide a habitat for nitrogen ­fixing bacteria. E) increase the surface area for absorption. C) anchor a plant in the soil. 4 36. Which letter refers to the sapwood? 37. Which of the following is the adaptation for gas exchange of the aquatic lotus ? A) self ­pruning D) p...
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