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B they grow well in closed bags e they produce spores

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Unformatted text preview: by digesting it externally and then absorbing it B) by photosynthesis C) by absorbing it and then digesting it within fungal cells D) by chemosynthesis E) by producing antibiotics that internally destroy bacteria 12. Which of the following phylum has club ­shaped basidia to produce spores ? A) Zygomycota B) Chytridiomycota C) Basidiomycota D) Ascomycota E) Glomeromycota 13. The name "sac fungi" is appropriate for the Ascomycetes because A) they produce seeds in sac ­like structures. D) it is best to carry them in a sack. B) they grow well in closed bags. E) they produce spores in sac ­like structures. C) the body of the fungus is a sac ­like shape. 14. The following figure depicts the outline of a large fairy ring that has appeared overnight in an open meadow, as viewed from above. The fairy ring repre...
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