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Co2 enters the inner spaces of the leaf through the a

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Unformatted text preview: C) pollen grain → meiosis → two generative cells → two tube cells per pollen grain D) pollen grain → mitosis → microspores → meiosis → generative cell plus tube cell E) two haploid cells → meiosis → generative cell → tube cell ­fertilization → pollen grain 3. CO2 enters the inner spaces of the leaf through the A) epidermal cells. B) cuticle. C) stoma. D) walls of guard cells E) phloem. 4. Which of the following essential nutrients plays an essential role in regulations of the opening and closing of the stomatal aperture? A) K B) Mg C) Bo D) O E) Fe 5. Fungi are similar to plants because both ________. A) are important producers in their ecosystems B) have cell walls surrounding their plasma membranes C) liberate nutrients from dead tissues D) produce embryos when they reproduce E) have chloroplasts in their cells 6. If you...
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