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BIOL1030-Lecture test2-student

Cation exchange between root hair and soil particles

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Unformatted text preview: arenchyma B) alternate phyllotaxy E) apoplastic pathway to transport water C) aerenchyma 38. What is the main force by which most of the water within xylem vessels moves toward the top of a tree? A) Evaporation of water through stoma D) osmosis in the root B) the force of root pressure E) atmospheric pressure on roots C) active transport of ions into the stele 39. One is most likely to see guttation in small plants when the A) preceding evening was hot, windy, and dry D) water potential in the stele of the root is high. B) root pressure exceeds transpiration pull. E) transpiration rates are high. C) roots are not absorbing minerals from soils. 40. Topsoil _____. A) does not retain water. B) is devoid of charged particles. C) is the relatively inert upper layer of soil. D) is uniform in texture. E) is a mixture of rock fragments, living organisms, and humus. 41....
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