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BIOL1030-Lecture test2-student

E a waxy outermost layer of root which is used to

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Unformatted text preview: commensalistic 30. A B C D E In the above picture, which letter refers to the secondary xylem? 31. In the summer when plants are storing sugar that is being produced in the leaves and roots, the root is the ________ and the leaves are the ________. A) xylem source; xylem sink D) phloem sink; phloem source B) xylem sink; xylem source E) xylem source; phloem sink C) phloem source; phloem sink 32. During sugar movement in phloem, water enters sieve tubes from A) companion cells. B) adjacent xylem. C) cortical tissues. D) endodermal cells. E) the mesophyll. 33. Water loss through the stomata of leaves is termed A) transpiration. B) translocation. C) guttation. D) osmosis. E) bulk flow. 34. What is the Casparian strip? A) A waxy lay...
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