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Which of the following is not included by the bark a

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Unformatted text preview: d "girdling"), why does the tree eventually die? A) The tree is more susceptible to insect and fungal diseases. B) The phloem is damaged and the transport of sugars is interrupted. C) Cells of the lateral meristem can no longer continue to divide. D) The supply of water and minerals to the leaves is no longer possible. E) The tree cannot continue to photosynthesize. 22. In the root tip photo below identify the Root Cap Zone 23. Cell division in the vascular cambium adds to the girth of a tree by adding new _____ to the layer's interior and _____ to the layer's exterior. A) phloem ... xylem D) xylem ... phloem B) xylem and phloem ... bark E) pith ... xylem and phloem C) xylem ... cortex 24. The region surrounded by guard cells is indicated by the letter _____. 25. What cell type permits the continued growth of a plant throughout its life? A) differentiated cells B) ground tissue cells C) mer...
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