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Revising for clarity short and simple trite phrases

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Unformatted text preview: edundancies, Revising for Clarity Short and simple, trite phrases, clichés and slang, unburying Short verbs, controlling exuberance verbs, Designing Documents for Readability (not tested but useful) White space, margins and text alignment, typeface, capitalizing, White numbering and bulleting, headings Proofreading Evaluating Communicatio Communicatio n that “Sticks” Chip Heath and Dan Heath What Sticks? What “Sticky = understandable, memorable, Sticky and effective in changing thought or behaviour” behaviour” Urban legends Are ideas born interesting or made interesting? CSPI and movie popcorn Interesting but not sensational, truthful but not Interesting mind-blowing, and important but not ‘life or death’ death’ This is a bag of popcorn This A medium-sized ‘butter’ popcorn at a typical medium-sized neighbourhood movie theatre contains more arteryneighbourhood clogging fat than a bacon-and-eggs breakfast, a Big clogging Mac and fries for lunch, and a steak dinner with...
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