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The six principles of stickiness six simplicity

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Unformatted text preview: all the trimmings – combined! the Six Principles of Stickiness Six Simplicity Simplicity Simple = core + compact Find the “core” of the Find message message “Commander’s intent” Matter of forced Matter prioritization Don’t ‘bury the lead’ Communicate the core Use proverbs Simple but profound Use existing schema Use analogies Unexpectedness Unexpectedness Get audience to pay attention Need surprise and interest Violate expectations Be counterintuitive – Be uncommon sense uncommon Nordstrom’s Generate interest and curiosity curiosity Open gaps in knowledge Give context Fill those gaps Concreteness Concreteness Make ideas clear – Make understand and remember remember Fill with concrete images Fill “Sour grapes” Brown eyes, blue eyes Hamburger Helper Credibility Credibility Make them believe External credibility External Authorities Authorities Experts Celebrities Celebrities ‘anti-authorities’ Internal credibility Vivid details Vivid Statistics relationship, human terms terms Testable credential NBA Emotions Emotions Get people to care Make them feel something Make feel For people vs For abstractions or statistics abstractions Mother Theresa Power of association Appeal to self-interest Emphasize benefits vs Emphasize features features “imagine” Appeal to identity Stories Stories Get people to act Need simulation and Need inspiration inspiration Mental flight simulators Inspiration Subway Subway Spotting a story Challenge plot Connection plot Creativity plot Jared vs “7 under 6” Jared Simple Unexpected Concrete Credible Emotional Story...
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