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Unformatted text preview: , I think of you as part of my team – that’s what a customer said to me yesterday.” • Crack a joke (very risky) • Concluding with a bang • Bookend with your opening – refer back to what you said at the start • “I mentioned at the beginning that Quality is remember long after the price is forgotten. If we make sure we’re the best, we’ll always be remembered.” • If there’s something you want them to do, close with a powerful call to action – don’t leave any doubt as to what you want delivery delivery • You’ll be graded on 3 key aspects of your delivery • Did you deliver with conviction, passion, and enthusiasm? • “clarity, conviction and grace” • Were you natural, poised and confident? • Were you authentic? • Did you practice? • Keys to success: • Rehearse • Mentally – can’t check timing or practice gestures • For real – check timing, flow, gestures, pausing, emphasis, etc. • One double­spaced page of 14pt font is about 2 minutes • Make sure you know the beginning – easier once you get going • In front of a mirror, video, in front of friends/family Delivery (cont’d) (cont’d) • Dealing with nerves and anxiety • “There are two types of speakers; those that are nervous and those that are liars” Mark Twain • Why do people get nervous? • Why is it a problem? • How to fix it? • Awareness is first step • Thoughts – Feelings – Action • Preparation • Be real • Know that there is no such things as a perfect presentation • Relax Connection with the audience Connection • 4 elements that you will be graded on: • • • • Did you incorporate the audience’s point of view? Did you make eye contact? Did you grab and keep their attention? Was the audience engaged? • Key things to know about your audience: • • • • Who are they? What are their expectations? What do they know/understand already? What’s their attitude? Connection with the audience (cont’d) (cont’d) • Eye contact • “Your message goes where your voice goes, and your voice goes where your eyes send it.’ Francis Xavier Muldoon • Why is it important? • How? • Audience engageme...
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