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A relationship constraint on foreign key ka chapter 1

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Unformatted text preview: . One of the problems with lists, not being able K&A, Chapter 1, to modify data. p. 4 An attribute value that has never been K&A, Chapter 1, applied. Such values are ambiguous and can p. 4 mean the value is unknown, the value is not appropriate, or the value is known to be blank. A relationship constraint on foreign key K&A, Chapter 1, values. A referential integrity constraint p. 15 specifies that the values of a foreign key must be a proper subset of the values of the primary key to which it refers. A data model in in which data are stored in K&A, Chapter 1, relations and relationships between rows are p. 6 represented by data values. A description of the structure of the database K&A, Chapter 1, is contained within the database itself. p. A language for defining the structure and K&A, Chapter 1, processing of a relational database. It can be p. 11 Table Update Insert Delete Autonumber Primary key Surrogate Object used as a stand- alone query language, or...
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