Then the gas was compressed up to 60 bar and led

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Unformatted text preview: unit (figure 7b), and water scrubbing for removal of NH3 and halides. In order to achieve the desired H2/CO ratio for methanation, additional hydrogen was added to the gas. Then the gas was compressed (up to 60 bar) and led through ZnO filters for sulphur removal and active carbon filters for final protection (figure 7c). The clean gas was then used as feed for the micro-flow fixed-bed methanation reactor (figure 7d) with a Ru-based catalyst, operated at 30 bar and 260°C. Table 3 Product gas composition (beech) of oxygen/steam-blown test in the ECNWOB gasifier. Component CO H2 CO2 CH4 C2H2 C2H4 C2H6 ECN-RX--04-085 Composition vol.% 31 21 29 11 0.2 3.6 0.3 12 The suitability of the cleaned biomass product gas for SNG synthesis was proven by stable catalyst performance during the 150-hours integrated methanation test. The deactivation rate was comparable with a reference case, in which a “clean” synthetic mixed gas was used as feed stream. The ECN test facilities, as presented in figure 7, were also used during 2001-2003 to prove the technical feasibility of producing Fischer- Tropsch liquids from biomass by integrated biomass gasification (oxygen-blown) Fischer- Tropsch experiments[22]. (a) (b) (c) (d) Fig. 7 Lab-scale test facilities for “Green Gas” production: (a) Bubbling fluidised bed test facility for oxygen/steam-blown gasification (WOB); (b) ECN oil-based tar washer (OLGA); (c) Compressor and guard beds; (d) Fixed-bed micro flow methanation reactor (POTTOR). ECN-RX--04-085 13 FUTURE PROSPECTS The “Green Gas” technology developments at ECN will be continued in 2004-2005, in co-operation with the Dutch Gasunie Trade & Supply (GU T&S) and Gastransport Services (GtS). ECN has recently constructed a bench-scale gasification facility, in order to support the implementation of the selected technologies for conversion of relatively dry biomass streams. The new so-called MILENA gasifier, with thermal inputs up to 25 kW (5 kg/hr biomass), can be operated at direct oxygen- blown gasification mo...
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