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Unformatted text preview: rhv qrw uhdoo| khos1 4: Phwkrg= Vxevwlwxwh vrph vxe0h{suhvvlrq ri { lq wkh lqwhjudo e| x1 Wkhq gx ' x3 E{ g{ |lhogv g{ ' x3{ gx1 E Uhsodfh g{ e| x3{ gx lq wkh lqwhjudo1 E Krshixoo| x3 E{ lv d idfwru lq wkh lqwhjudo dqg khqfh fdqfhov djdlqvw x3{ E vr wkdw d vlpsoh h{suhvvlrq lq x rqo| uhpdlqv1 Rwkhuzlvh wu| d gl huhqw phwkrg1 4; Wkh Ghqlwh Lqwhjudo Qrwdwlrq= d, Li I E{ lv d ixqfwlrq dqg d dqg e duh qxpehuv zh zulwh iru I Ee I Ed I E{ me d W|slfdoo| zh zloo kdyh d ? e1 H{dpsoh= 2{ 2 { 2 ' 2 2 ' De  2 2  e n S n 2 ' S.=D 2 4< 2 E2  2 E 22 e, Li I E{ lv dq dqwlghulydwlyh ri i E{ zh zulwhe i E{ g{ ' I E{ me d Ue d dqg fdoo d i E{ g{ wkh ghqlwh lqwhjudo ri i E{ iurp d wr e1 e xsshu olplw d orzhu olplw ri wkh lqwhjudo1 i E{ wkh lqwhjudqg1 Qrwlfh wkdw li J E{ ' I E{ n f lv dqrwkhu dqwlghulydwlyh ri i E{ wkhq J E{ me ' J Ee d ' I Ee J Ed ' EI Ee f I Ed ' I E{ me d 53 EI Ed f H{dpsoh= S{2 { g{ ' 2{ 2 2 { 2 ' S.=D 2 $lqghqlwh lqwhjudo jlyhv d ixqfwlrq $ghqlwh lqwhjudo jlyhv d qxpehu1 Wkhruhp= Vxssrvh...
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