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Unformatted text preview: d olqhdu vlpxowdqhrxv v|vwhp ri htxdwlrqv olnh D{ n | n e} ' 2 .{ n 2| n } '  { n S| n b} ' 2 rqh fdq irup wkh pdwulfhv dqg yhfwruv 56 6 5 De {  '7|8 { D ' 7. 2 8 } Sb 6 2  ' 7 8= e 2 5 Rqh fdoov D wkh pdwul{ ri frh!flhqwv/  wkh yhfwru ri xqnqrzqv { dqg  wkh yhfwru ri frqvwdqwv ru wkh uljkw0kdqg0vlgh yhfwru1 e H{dpsoh 6 wzr vwxghqwv zlwk vdph D0ohyho judghv/ rqh iurp d sxeolf0 dqg rqh iurp d vwdwh vfkrro1 Zkr kdv ehwwhu fkdqfhv wr rewdlq d jrrg xqlyhuvlw| ghjuhhB Hfrqrplvwv dw Zduzlfn=hfrqrphwulf dqdo|vlv> gdwd rq xqlyhuvlw| ghjuhh/ vfkrro ghjuhh/ w|sh ri vfkrro/ rwkhu fkdudfwhulvwlfv olnh pdoh2ihpdoh hwf1 pdwul{= rqh urz iru hdfk vwxghqw rqh froxpqv iru hdfk fkdudfwhulvwlf hvwlpdwhg d olqhdu uhodwlrq | ' { n 2{2 n = = = n q{q 8 9 Edvlf pdwul{ rshudwlrqv D n E = Wzr pdwulfhv D dqg E ri wkh vdph nlqg +l1h1/ zlwk wkh vdph qxpehu ri froxpqv dqg urzv, fdq eh dgghg ru vxe0 wudfwhg e| dgglqj ru vxewudfwlqj wkh fruuhvsrqglqj hqwulhv1 Iru lqvw...
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