Conservation of Energy

Thus we can write equations 4 and 5 as 6 7 figure

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Unformatted text preview: write equations (4) and (5) as: (6) (7) Figure 1 This is a diagram of the energies at the different parts of the air track Now let us assume that we have a moving cart. This means that we must have a change in energy. We can write this change in energy as: (8) where ΔE, is the change of energy in the system, ΔK is the change in kinetic energy, and ΔU is the change in potential energy. Let us now expand the ΔE term as (9) where Ef is the final energy and Ei is the initial energy of the system. Using equations (6) and (7), we can write the change of energy as: (10) where (11) Usually we say that the object reaches the zero position when it stops. This means that (12) where h is the height of the object (we can now drop the f in the height). This leaves us with (13) 3 In theory, the law of conservation of momentum tells us that (14) Therefore we can rewrite equation (14) as: (15) 4...
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