One-Dimensional Collisions

4 3 references elementary classical physics volume i

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Unformatted text preview: not conserved), the collision is inelastic. 4 3. References • • • Elementary Classical Physics Volume I by Richard T. Weidner and Robert L. Sells. College Physics Series by Allyn and Bacon. Essentials of College Physics by Serway and Vuille. Thomson Brooks/Cole publishing. Fundamentals of Physics 7th edition by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker. Wiley Publishing. 4. Experiment For the experiment that we will do today, we will have two carts with the following properties: Mass Initial velocity Final velocity Cart 1 Cart 2 By using this information and the conservation of linear momentum (Equation (10)), we can say that (12) Now suppose that the carts are moving down an air track. Then we can say that they are only moving in one direction (call it the x-direction). Then we can write Equation (12) as (13) where the v indicates the x-component of velocity and NOT the magnitude of the velocity vectors. Therefore they may take on negative values. The next property that we will be dealing with is the conservation of energy. To write down the conservation of energy we must first recognize that we are deal...
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