One-Dimensional Collisions

Thus the vertical component of the linear momentum of

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Unformatted text preview: ich is directed vertically downward. Thus, the vertical component of the linear momentum of the grapefruit 3 changes, but since no horizontal force acts on the grapefruit, the horizontal component of the linear momentum cannot change. Note that we focus on external forces acting on a closed system. Although internal forces can change, the linear momentum of portions of the system, they cannot change the total linear momentum of the entire system. In some ways, the principle of conservation of momentum is more general than the principle of conservation of mechanical energy. For example, it is valid, even when the internal forces are not conservative, but mechanical energy is conserved only then the internal forces are conservative. 2.3 Collisions We have seen that for any type of collision, the total momentum of the system just before the collision equals the total momentum just after the collision as long as the system may be considered isolated. The total kinetic energy, on the other hand, is generally not conserved in a collision because some of the kinetic energy is converted to internal energy, sound energy, and the work needed to permanently deform the objects...
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