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Unformatted text preview: a prescription Example ­ post harvest Example ­ post harvest losses • Strengths - Sri Lanka possesses strong institutional capacity that can contribute to changes in the current situation - There is increasing governmental interest in the fisheries sector - Many fishermen co­operatives are well organized and capable to support developments to reduce PHL Example ­ post harvest losses Weaknesses (1) – Little political pressure from fishermen and boat owners – Lack of infrastructure – Inferior design of multi­day boats and fishery harbours – Lack of awareness – Acceptance of low quality fish and low purchasing power of consumers in the domestic market Example ­ Post Harvest Losses Weaknesses (2) – Rapid policy changes due to frequent changes in politically elected authorities within the governmental sector – Limited knowledge of financial accounting among fishermen – Tropical weather conditions – High volume harvests of cultivated fish when seasonal tanks are being emptied – Excess governmental subsidies to increase fishermen recruitment without them having proper training or fishing equipment Example ­ post harvest losses Opportunities - Possibilities to increas...
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