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Unit 2 property tax unit assessablevalueavmeans

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Unformatted text preview: rights, powers & privileges of the owners in relation to the car parking space had, by virtue of section 16 Buildings Management Ordinance, been vested in the taxpayer upon its incorporation: and (c) when all the rights, privileges & powers of the owners of the common parts were exclusively exercisable & indeed exercised by T, it should be regarded as the owner for the purpose of a charge to property tax. Unit 2 – Property Tax Unit Assessable Value (AV) means consideration, in money or money’s worth payable to/to the order of/for the benefit of the owner, examples Property belongs to the son and rent paid to the mother Tenant settled the debts for the owner Tenant provides a service (say monthly accounting service) for the owner For the right of use of land and/or buildings Unit 2 – Property Tax Unit Assessable Value includes Rental income + any payments for the right of use under a licence received or receivable each month (on accrual basis) Lumpsum premium 遗 遗 遗 in any for...
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