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Unformatted text preview: ed by the society but the member (with no legal title) has a right to reside in a unit Subject to a ground rent – a short term lease from government, e.g. a 3­month lease With adverse title to land but receiving rent – person occupying the land/building with no legal title but not challenged by any “owner” for over 20 years Executor of the estate of a deceased person with will ( 遗遗 ) or administrator without a will – to administer the estate of the deceased until estate transferred to the rightful heirs Unit 2 – Property Tax Unit Persons Chargeable to Property Tax Owners (as defined in previous ppts.) of properties situated in Hong Kong with rental income Owners include Hong Kong and non­ Hong Kong residents, local and overseas corporations Unit 2 – Property Tax Unit D27/98 (Board of Review Case) Facts T was the Incorporated Owners of a building & it objected to the property tax assessment relating to the rental income or licence fee derived from a car parking space in the common area of the building, which was deposited into the management fund of the building. Unit 2 – Property Tax Unit Decision of D27/98 T was the “owner” of the car parking space of the building for property tax purposes because (a) the car parking space was part of the common area to which all the owners of the building have a right to use; (b) the...
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