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Unformatted text preview: 2GHz , ex ec utes a program with 2 billion ins truc tions with an av erage CPI 1.5. What is the total CPU time of this program on this c omputer in s ec onds ? An swer 1 .5 An swer ran g e 0 +/­ Points: 10 6. Calculated Numeric: Given two different computers A and B... Qu estio n Giv en two different c omputers A and B of the s ame ISA, running the s ame applic ation binary , what is the s peedup of A ov er B? A: CPI = 1.5, Frequenc y = 2GHz B: CPI = 1, Frequenc y = 1.5GHz An swer 0 .8 8 8 9 An swer ran g e 0 .0 2 +/­ Co rrect F eed b ack CPUtimea = I*1.5/2GHz CPUtimeb = I*1/1.5GHz Speedup a/b = 2G/1.5*1.5G = .8...
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