Evalu atio n meth o d an swer patternmatch slo w ly co

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Unformatted text preview: ded to c ompute a giv en job is to run the proc es s or ex tremely ___________. Evalu atio n Meth o d An swer Pattern Match .* slo w ly.* Co rrect F eed b ack In co rrect F eed b ack Power c ons umption dec reas es s uper­linearly with proc es s or s peed (frequenc y ). Case Sen sitivity Points: 10 2. True/False: Decreasing response time should have ... Qu estio n Dec reas ing res pons e time s hould hav e no impac t on throughput. An swer Tru e Fa l se Points: 10 3. Multiple Choice: ___________ is a good measure of the ... Qu estio n _________...
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