Sy s t em t ime c cpu t ime d i o t ime points 10

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Unformatted text preview: __ is a good meas ure of the time a proc es s or s pent on a giv en job. An swer a . Wall c loc k t ime b . Sy s t em t ime c. CPU t ime d . I / O t ime Points: 10 4. Fill in the Blank: One of the two overheads due to latch... Qu estio n One of the two ov erheads due to latc hes (flip­flops ) whic h impac t c y c le time in modern VLSI des ign is ___________ time. Evalu atio n Meth o d An swer Case Sen sitivity Pattern Match .* (se tu p ).* |.* (h o ld ).* Points: 10 5. Calculated Numeric: A given processor running at 2GHz, ex... Qu estio n A giv en proc es s or running at...
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