6multiple choice whichofthe followingisnotachara

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Unformatted text preview: tions are load/s tore bec aus e they mus t firs t move from memory with a s eparate load ins truc tion, perform the c omputation and s tore bac k with a s tore ins truc tion. 6. Multiple Choice : Which of the following is not a chara... Question Points : 10 W hic h of the following is not a c harac teris tic of the RISC philos ophy ? (from Lec ture 4B) Answer Variable ins truc tion length Ex plic it load­s tore ins truc tions Limited number of addres s ing modes Limited number of operation ty pes Points : 10 7. T rue /False : T he primary re ason MIPS has no more t... Question The primary reas on MIPS has no more than 32 regis ters is that it c ould s low down the proc es s or (in either c loc k frequenc y or CPI). (from Lec ture 4B) Answer Tru e Fa l s e Se l e ct: Al l N o n e Se l e ct b y Typ e : ­ Qu e s ti o n Typ e ­ D e l e te a n d R e g ra d e Po i n ts U p d a te a n d R e g ra d e H i d e Qu e s ti o n D e ta i l s ← OK...
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