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Unformatted text preview: n D e ta i l s 1. T rue /False : Powe r incre ase s dramatically with fre ... Question Answer Points : 10 Power inc reas es dramatic ally with frequenc y bec aus e c apac itanc e is inc reas ing with s uc es s ive proc es s tec hnology generations . (from Lec ture 4A) Tru e Fa l s e Correct Feedback It is bec aus e voltage mus t inc reas e to ac hieve higher frequenc ies in a given proc es s tec hnology . Points : 10 2. Fill in the Blank: T he ___________ wall was a primary dr... Question The ___________ wall was a primary driver of the trans ition to multi­c ore proc es s ors . (from Lec ture 4A) Evaluation Method Answer Pattern Match Case Sensitivity .* p o w e r.* Points : 10 3. Fill in the Blank: Imagine you have conve rte d a single t... Question Imagine y ou have c onverted a s ingle threaded program to multi­threaded s o it c an ex ec ute on a multi­c ore proc es s or. You c an s upport as many threads a...
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