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Unformatted text preview: s there are proc es s ors but there remains a 5% overhead whic h c annot be paralleliz ed. W hat is the max imum s peedup y ou c an ex pec t with an infinite c ore mac hine? (from Lec ture 4A) Evaluation Method Answer Pattern Match (2 0 x)|(2 0 X) Case Sensitivity Points : 10 4. Fill in the Blank: Base d upon the SPEC CPU2006 re sults s... Question Bas ed upon the SPEC CPU2006 res ults s hown on s lide 63, whic h benc hmark applic ation s ees the leas t improvement in s peedup for the Opteron vers us the referenc e proc es s or? (from Lec ture 4A) Evaluation Method Answer Contains xa l a n cb m k 5. T rue /False : MIPS and many othe r RISC ISAs are con... Question Answer Points : 10 MIPS and many other RISC ISAs are c ons idered to be a "Load/Store Arc hitec ture" bec aus e many c omputational ins truc tions operate direc tly on the memory . (from Lec ture 4B) Tru e Fa l s e Correct Feedback Case Sensitivity CISC ins truc tions often operate direc tly on the memory , RISC ins truc...
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