C the dat a in loc at ion t 2 is added t o 1 and s t

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Unformatted text preview: $t 1+$t 2) in memory is loaded int o t he regis t er $t 0. b . No out c ome, t his is not a legal ins t ruc t ion. c. The dat a in loc at ion $t 2 is added t o $1 and s t ored in $t 0. d . The dat a in $t 0 is s t ored int o t he memory loc at ion ($t 1+$t 2). Co rrect F eed b ack The offs et mus t be a c ons tant in the MIPS ISA. 4. True/False: The base plus offset addressing mode ... Qu estio n Points: 10 The bas e plus offs et addres s ing mode s upported by MIPS repres ents a trade­off in the RISC philos ophy where the des ire for s implic ity is trumped by "mak e the c ommon c as e fas t". (Lec ture 6B) An swer Tru e Fa l se Points: 10 5. Fill in the Blank: Twos complement representations of ne... Qu estio n Twos c omplement repres entations of negativ e numbers are partic ularly in us eful digital des...
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