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Unformatted text preview: c aus e it s av es power. (Lectu re 9 B) An swer Tru e Fa l se Co rrect F eed b ack A giv en func tion may be c alled from many loc ations (c ode reus e) s o we need to s av e the return addres s s o we k now where to return to. In co rrect F eed b ack Really ?! Points: 10 7. True/False: Proceedural programming has higher pe... Qu estio n Proc eedural programming has higher performanc e than non­proc eedural. (Lec ture 9B) An swer Tru e Fa l se Co rrect F eed b ack There is a s light performanc e c os t to proc eedural programming, but c ode reus e and programmer produc tiv ity mak es it worthwhile. 8. Fill in the Blank: jal saves the return address in regis... Qu estio n Points: 10 jal s av es the return addres s in regis ter _____. (Lectu re 9 B) Evalu atio n Meth o d An swer Exact Match Case Sen sitivity $ ra Se l e ct: Al l N o n e Se l e ct b y Typ e : ­ Qu e sti o n Typ e ­ Po i n ts U p d a te a n d R e g ra d e H i d e Qu e sti o n D e ta i l s ← OK...
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