Lec ture9a evalu atio n meth o d an swer exactmatch

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Unformatted text preview: er use the ___________ reg... Qu estio n The as s embler us e the ___________ regis ter for temporary v ariables us ed in ps eudo­c ode ex pans ion. (Lec ture 9A) Evalu atio n Meth o d An swer Exact Match Case Sen sitivity $at Points: 20 4. Fill in the Blank: Given this pseudo instruction: bge $... Qu estio n Giv en this ps eudo ins truc tion: bge $t0, $t1, HERE Fill in the mis s ing ins truc tion in the ex pans ion: __________________ beq $at, $0, HERE (Lectu re 9 A) Evalu atio n Meth o d An swer Case Sen sitivity Pattern Match (slt * \$ a t, * \$ t0 , * \$ t1 )|(SL T * \$ a t, * \$ t0 , * \$ t1 ) 5. True/False: The jr instruction is typically used ... Qu estio n The jr ins truc tion is ty pic ally us ed during a proc eedure/func tion c all. (Lectu re 9 A) Points: 10 An swer Tru e Fa l se Co rrect F eed b ack J al is us ed on the c all, jr is us ed on the return Points: 10 6. True/False: We need to save the return address in... Qu estio n We need to s av e the return addres s in a regis ter on a c all to a func tion be...
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