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Unformatted text preview: c ros s c alls , if the c aller wants to k eep the value, the c aller needs to s ave it. 2. T rue /False : Give n the following C code : int call... Question Points : 20 Given the following C c ode: int c all (int x ){ if (x ==0) {return 0;} els e {return (x +c all (x ­1));} } The following is the as s embly for this C c ode: c all: addi $s p, $s p, ­8 s w $ra, 4($s p) s w $a0, 0($s p) bne $a0, $0, deeper addi $v0, $0, 0 addi $s p, $s p, 8 jr $ra deeper: addi $a0, $a0,­1 jal c all lw $a0, 0($s p) add $v0, $a0, $v0 lw $ra, 4($s p) jr $ra (True or fals e, this as s embly is equivalent to the C c ode?) (Lec ture 11B) Answer Tru e Fa l s e Correct Feedback The programmer forgot to res et the s tac k pointer on the "deeper" c laus e before the return. It c an be fix ed if y ou add the following ins tr...
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