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Unformatted text preview: k for the c orrec t ex pans ion of the following ps uedo c ode: li $t0, 0x 12345678 Ex pans ion: _____________ ori $t0, $t0, 0x 5678 Evaluation Method (Lec ture 11C) Answer Case Sensitivity Pattern Match (lu i * \$ t0 , * (0 x)* 1 2 3 4 )|(L U I * \$ t0 , * (0 x)* 1 2 3 4 ) 5. T rue /False : T he re is no ne e d for a sla (shift le f... Question Answer Points : 10 There is no need for a s la (s hift left arithmetic ) bec aus e when s hifting a 2s c omplement number to the left, y ou alway s s hift in a 1 jus t lik e y ou would for an uns igned number. (Lec ture 11C) Tru e Fa l s e Correct Feedback In both c as es y ou would s hift in a z ero into the leas t s ignific ant digit when s hifting left s o s ll is all y ou need. 6. T rue /False : If the stack gre w up inste ad of growi... Question Answer Points : 10 If the s tac k grew up ins tead of growing down, traditional buffer overflow attac k s would not work . (Lec ture 11A) Tru e Fa l s e Correct Feedback Yep, work it out on y our own... If they 'd s wapped s tac k and heap on early mac hines , no­one would ever have to worry about that c las s of attac k ... Se l e ct: Al l N o n e Se l e ct b y Typ e : ­ Qu e s ti o n Typ e ­ Po i n ts U p d a te a n d R e g ra d e H i d e Qu e s ti o n D e ta i l s ← OK...
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