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Unformatted text preview: timiz ed hand written as s embly . Ex perienc ed as s embly programmers c an probably do better but at a high c os t in programmer effort/time. 7. Multiple Choice: Given the following code: Here: ... Qu estio n Points: 10 Giv en the following c ode: Here: mov $s 0, $s 1 addi $s 0, $s 0, 0x 1234567 bge $s 0, $t0, Here s ll $s 1, $s 2, 4 Whic h ins truc tion does the as s embler not need to s ignific antly c hange prior to trans lation to mac hine c ode? (Lec ture 12C) An swer The mov ins truc tion. The addi ins truc tion. The bge ins truc tion. The s ll ins truc tion. Co rrect F eed b ack All the other ins truc tions are ps eudo ins truc tions . The addi mus t be ex panded into the following c ode bec aus e the immediate v alue is too big: lui $at, 0x 1234 ori $at, $at, 0x 5678 add $s 0, $s 0, $at Se l e ct: Al l N o n e Se l e ct b y Typ e : ­ Qu e sti o n Typ e ­ Po i n ts U p d a te a n d R e g ra d e H i d e Qu e sti o n D e ta i l s ← OK...
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