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Unformatted text preview: a d e H i d e Qu e sti o n D e ta i l s Points: 20 1. Fill in the Blank: Write an assembly instruction which p... Qu estio n Write an as s embly ins truc tion whic h performs the following ac tion: $s 0 = $s 1/16 (Lec ture 12A) Evalu atio n Meth o d An swer Pattern Match (sra * \$ s0 , * \$ s1 , * 4 )|(SR A * \$ s0 , * \$ s1 , * 4 ) In co rrect F eed b ack Arithmetic or logic al? Case Sen sitivity 2. True/False: The srl instruction can be used to co... Qu estio n Points: 10 The s rl ins truc tion c an be us ed to c onv ert the index i in the following c c ode into as s embly : int x [4]; int y , i; ... y = x [ i] ; (Lec ture 12A) An swer Tru e Fa l se Co rrect F eed b ack s rl is for div ide, s ll is for multiply . Points: 10 3. True/False: It is possible for a machine that doe... Qu estio n It is pos s ible for a mac hine that does not s upport floating point math to ex ec ute the following c ode: double x ,y ; ... y = x *1.123; (Lec ture 12B) An swer Tru...
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