2-19 and 2-21 Marketing Primer

2-19 and 2-21 Marketing Primer

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Unformatted text preview: ated by Intermediaries Utilities Form utility Taking raw materials and changing their form so that they Taking become useful products become Time utility Making products available when they are needed Place utility Making products available where they are needed Possession utility Doing whatever is necessary to transfer ownership from one Doing party to another, including providing credit party Information utility Opening two-way flows of information between marketing Opening participants participants Service utility The provision of fast, friendly service during and after the sale, The including teaching customers how to best use products over time including Place: Distribution and Retail Retailers Supermarket Convenience Store Discount Store Department Store Category Killer Specialty Store Factory Outlet Superstores Catalog Showroom How about eBay? Wholesalers Non-Store Distribution E-tailing Telemarketing Vending Machines, Kiosks, Carts Internet Direct Selling Multilevel Marketing Direct Marketing Retail Distribution Strategies • Intensive Distribution -- Puts pro...
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