2-28 The Practice of Management

Managerial roles managerial interpersonal roles

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Unformatted text preview: ivating employees to work Guiding effectively to accomplish organizational goals and objectives; and Giving and explaining assignments; Clarifying policies and giving feedback. Managerial Roles Managerial Interpersonal Roles Figurehead (internal and Figurehead external) external) Leader (internal) Liaison (external) Decisional roles Informational Roles Monitor (external) Disseminator (internal) Spokesperson (external) Entrepreneur (internal and Entrepreneur external) external) Disturbance handler Disturbance (internal) (internal) Resource allocator Resource (internal) (internal) Negotiator (internal and Negotiator external) external) Functions of Management: Control Functions Measuring performance against corporate Measuring objectives; objectives; Rewarding outstanding performance; Taking corrective action. When you do not remember principles: The Management Cycle The Planning Starbucks Organizing Citigroup Leading General Motors Controlling Citigroup Management Skills Management Technical skills The ability to perform tasks in a specific discipline or The department; department; Human relations skills Communication and motivation, the ability to work Communication through and with people; through Conceptual skills Ability to picture the organization as a whole and the Ability relationship among its various parts. relationship Take-aways Take-aways Managers get work done through others. The activities associated with such an objective The (including acquiring and handling information, people, and actions and performing interpersonal, informational, and decisional roles) are what managers do. and The functions of management are planning, The organizing, leading and controlling. organizing, Managers require functional, human relations and Managers conceptual skills. conceptual...
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