3-7 and 3-10 Strategic Management

Management have to think hard about question marks

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Unformatted text preview: they invest in? Which ones should they allow to fail or shrink? or Dogs Unsurprisingly, the term "dogs" refers to businesses or products that have low Unsurprisingly, relative share in unattractive, low-growth markets. Dogs may generate enough cash to break-even, but they are rarely, if ever, worth investing in. cash Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies Porter’s Specific (or Grand) Strategies Specific Growth Strategy that focuses on increasing profits, revenues, Strategy market share, or the number of places in which a company does business does Apple, 2003 – 2011 Stability Strategy that focuses on improving the way in which the Strategy company sells the same products or services to the same customers customers McDonald’s Retrenchment A strategy that focuses on turning around very poor strategy company performance by shrinking the size or scope of the business the Dell? Direct Competition Direct Rivalry between two companies that offer similar Rivalry products and services, acknowledge each other as rivals, and act and react to each other’s strategic actions. strategic Market commonality The degree to which two companies have...
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