3-7 and 3-10 Strategic Management

Products swot analysis swot strengths unique or

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Unformatted text preview: s Unique or distinct advantages Unique that make your organization stand out in the crowd; stand What makes the customers What choose your organization over the competition; the Products or services which Products your competition cannot imitate (now and in the future). (now Opportunities Attractive choices within your Attractive marketplace: where and what; marketplace: Emerging trends; Potential new products and Potential capabilities. capabilities. Weaknesses Operations or procedures Operations in need of streamlining; in Areas in which competitors Areas are better, how and why. are Areas that you or your Areas organization may be avoiding; avoiding; Market segments from Market which your organization is shut-out. shut-out. Threats Areas in which competition Areas is forcing action that is harmful to the organization; harmful Changes in customer Changes demand; demand; Changes in technology. Conceptual Structure of the SWOT Framework Framework Internal Factors Favorable Factors External Factors Strengths Opportunities Unfavorable Factors Weaknesses Threats Core Competencies Core Bundle of skills and technologies that enables a Bundle company to provide a particular benefit to customers; company Examples Apple, “pocketability”, ease of use, design; FedEx, on-time delivery and logistics management; Wal-Mart, the choice-availability-value trilogy and logistics Wal-Mart, management. management. What kind of elements of SWOT analysis are core competencies...
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