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3-7 and 3-10 Strategic Management

Strategic market commonality the degree to which two

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Unformatted text preview: overlapping The products, services, or customers in multiple markets; products, Resource similarity The degree to which a competitor has similar The amounts and kinds of resources. amounts External Corporate Growth External Merger/Acquisition Horizontal: Kraft - Cadbury Vertical: Comcast – NBC Universal Conglomerate: Tata Group (Tetley , Corus Steel, Conglomerate: Jaguar/LandRover) Jaguar/LandRover) Leveraged Buyout (LBO) An attempt by employees, management, or a group of investors An to purchase an organization primarily through borrowing. to KKR / RJR-Nabisco (Barbarians at the Gates) KKR (Barbarians Mergers and Acquisitions: Why? Why Not? Mergers Entering a new market Entering or business or High expenditure, of High money and time; money Consolidating an Consolidating industry industry Legal and tax Legal complications; complications; Speeding the Speeding development of a new product or service. product Difficulties in merging Difficulties two very different cultures. cultures. Making a Merger Work Making Due diligence Clear strategy and vision Quick and through planning and implementation “Chemistry” at the top Take-aways Take-aways Strategy is about uniqueness; Uniqueness is achieved through the Uniqueness development of core competencies and unique combinations of opportunities and capabilities; combinations Uniqueness has to be deployed appropriately 5F analysis Positioning Mergers and Acquisitions...
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