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2-24 and 2-26 Operations Management

Mrp and erp technologies inventory management aem1200

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Unformatted text preview: ologies) Inventory management AEM1200, Introduction to Business Management. AEM1200, Wednesday 2/26 Operations Management Definition Economies of scale as potential Services Activities Facility location and outsourcing Facility layout and production scheduling Scheduling and Inventory Management in Operations MRP/ERP Total Quality Management Dimensions of Quality Dimensions Performance Durability Features Serviceability Reliability Aesthetics Conformance Perceived Quality Total Quality Management Total An integrated, principle-based, organization-wide An strategy for improving product and service quality; strategy Customer focus and satisfaction Continuous improvement and reduction of variation Teamwork Knowledge of tools Benchmarking Just in time Philosophy of Total Quality Management Philosophy 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Quality is customer driven. The environment is data rich. Processes are never perfect. Problems require quick response. Employees, particularly at low levels (operators) Employees, are an organization’s most important asset. are 6. Organizations, including suppliers and customers, Organizations, are like families; we should reduce uncertainty by developing friendly, mutually supporting, partnership relationships with them and share information freely with them. information 7. Quality and error prevention should be part of Quality product and process design. product Just-in-Time and Lean Production Just-in-Time Reducing setup times Increasing flexibility Reducing inventory costs Increasing quality Worker empowerment Quality circles Authority to “stop the line” “Lifetime” employment Managing the supply chain Integrate suppliers into the design and planning process “Kanban” Promote networking across suppliers Continuous Improvement Continuous The continuous implementation of incremental The improvements to steadily bring a process closer to the ideal to Management by sight Management by stress Management by objectives Six-Sigma Paradigm Six sigma quality is a quality measure that allows only Six 3.4 defects per million of opportunities. 3.4 Employee Empowerment Employee The involvement of employees in every step of The the production process the Quality circles Groups made up of work center members chartered Groups with implementing continuous improvement; with Focus teams Multidisciplinary teams chartered to focus on specific Multidisciplinary problems or continuous improvement objectives. problems Just-in-Time Philosophy: Just-in-Time Achieving...
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