Quiz 2 Sketched out answers Econ140A 2013Fall

in which c we want to test that the coefficients on

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Unformatted text preview: which (c) We want to test that the coefficients on FE, FE*ED, FE*ASIAN, and FE*BLACK are all equal to zero. This calls for an F test: This gives us: ( ) ( ) ( ) so we reject the null hypothesis. (d) Plugging in: ( ) ) ( ) ( () ) () () On average, Asian females with 16 years of education make $51,242 in this sample. 2 ( page 3 3. (a) represents the average years of schooling for females and years of schooling for males. represents the average (b) 13.4 (c) 13.6 and -0.2 (d) 13.5, the average of 13.4 and...
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