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Unformatted text preview: ve statistics/simple hypothesis tests. The results looked like this. Hypothesis Testing for FE Date: 09/26/13 Time: 09:36 Sample: 1 131008 Included observations: 131008 page 4 Test of Hypothesis: Mean = 0.500000 Sample Mean = 0.516518 Sample Std. Dev. = 0.499729 Method t-statistic Value 11.96393 Probability 0.0000 The 95 percent critical value is 1.96, but the computed test statistic is so big, 11.96, that the hypothesis would be rejected at any reason level of significance. The critical value for a 99 percent confidence interval is 2.57, so the confidence interval is 0.4997 0.517 ± 2.57 × = (0.513,0.520). √131008...
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