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Unformatted text preview: nd B ­DNA, strands are anD ­parallel and base pairs are standard • Helix is narrower and longer Major groove Minor groove Groove • Requires repeaDng sequence of pyrimidine ­purine Z-DNA: A Radically Different Helical Structure! Major groove Minor groove Groove Z-DNA: A Radically Different Helical Structure! Z ­DNA is thought to funcDon in regulaDon of transcripDon & DNA organizaDon Secondary and Tertiary Structure of Nucleic Acids B ­DNA is the most common form found in nature •  10 bp/turn in solid phase •  10.5 bp/turn in solu.on Local Distortion in Crystals The structure of B ­DNA from studies of molecular crystals. Note the local distorDons of the idealized structure previously shown. Many DNA molecules are slightly bent from the verDcal axis. Suggests DNA is a flexible & dynamic polymer Single Stranded Nucleic Acids Conformations of single-stranded nucleic acids •  “Denatured” struc...
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