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IB 420 Quiz 3 - Plant Physiology N CPSC 484/IB 420&...

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Unformatted text preview: Plant Physiology N CPSC 484/IB 420 &_ Spring 2008 uiz 3 (40.points total) r» I. MATCHING (10 points total @ l point/question). Match the phrase best L\ describing each term in the space provided on the left. C; l. thylakoids .photosynthesis rates measured at each light wavelength. CA 2. action spectrum \§.light absorption by a molecule \>X measured at each wavelength. a 3. stroma .internal membranes in chloroplast ' where light reactions occur. r\ n1 /4{ plastoquinone (PQ) d.enzyme involved in the initial carboxylation step in Calvin cycle. {13 5. reaction centers e.location of carbon fixation , reactions in chloroplast. E 6. absorption spectrum f.involved in thylakoid appression. g.special chlorophyll molecules in A 7. sucrose photosystems where electrons are released and accepted. 3 8. 3—phosphoglycerate h.lZ—carbon sugar used in long— 3 . distance transport of fixed carbon. l 9. starch i.carbohydrate storage product produced in chloroplast. (A 10. Rubisco j.produced following C02 addition to ribulose 1,5 bisphosphate. \ k.product cf the reduction process in the Calvin cycle. l.enzyme mediating the first step in the regenerative reactions of the Calvin cycle. nu transfers electrons from cytochrome B6/F to Photosystem I. n.transfers electrons from Photosystem II to cytochrome B6/F and carries H+ across thylakoid membrane. 4 II. SHORT ESSAY (10 points total @ 5 points/question). Answer each of the questions in the space provided (you can use the back of the page if necessary). (1) Describe the role that RUBISCO has in photorespiration. How does this relate to the reaction conducted by this enzyme? % RUBLgca :5. an “170.? 4614+ Qct‘i‘khr 4.6” ;~;+‘4L qubpk-l'li (64366.64 In 4442 Cabin (kick a Combiafi‘y 4‘12 Alphosp‘sdv Mata-”Ag; w‘H’H C0,z +0 “5““? c9"- 3) PLfiVSPhOSSICYmdgr. Tlfn‘ 00‘7”” '0‘ 20669554227 ‘93“ +414!” {ZC‘dHK {a Work, ('1‘ (ea( work.‘ @nofl'HMsmy whfir‘e 500w melee-:16) May 6! sea“; I ' . . W 091, ’5‘ pref-Cfl". To“, enzyflf make,- fie éuleL‘ns Op we cqrécfl MfikoJf from CQ: qné +49 Q rl‘vase op +8: Oijen a for; Met-5), 1-44—2459 Maputo”. ’7 J " . OWW W ‘ C‘V’WT“ We €92, -+ Raw we; (2) Describe the mechanism by which guard cells open when given an appropriate stimulus (ex. light, low C02). g When lh‘froo‘uced. ‘1‘} 1155‘ 176‘“ legal; ‘ or low C03. {wolf . Hue lob-ud- cell; 1 l J' - , w‘ 0‘0!" 4‘! c‘ pram" 9"“? ("““"‘5 M O‘A'S‘df «J2 1412 cJL Through \ Sen‘er +3 A - . - . a? PM ' SIQOL¢q+r l<+15 Laugh? 14+. ‘H‘Dc Saafo‘ czar, [Alfie/x chased, ‘th . '(bf:| ( MIG-p? r Rte ’CJ‘L, Cf¢¢+ ‘ keeping. 'H'wn‘ locked. W7 +nse-H1er. Haulfv(r WA-(n [( f 15’U We pimped 1 " , #‘8 Wafer fichfl'hi‘ :5 (arsed Inc-{earthy file {934%- pr‘S-S‘Wt 0"? 7‘4: Ce“. This "“crpquao 905$"! CaJSeS 4‘46 mwceofléul‘lr _f Co a Mad gnu/‘CK cc“: To Ie+ I"\ CC); and HzO 0:3, .llque ‘ Qp(4:4r a” :10 III. ESSAY QUESTION (20 points). Two questions are listed below. Choose one question out of the two to answer in the space provided. Use the back of the page, if necessary. (1) The Calvin cycle (or C3 path) is a metabolic pathway which describes how C02 fixed during photosynthesis is converted into carbohydrate. This cyclic path can be described as consisting of 3 processes: carboxylation, reduction, and regeneration. Describe what is taking place in each of these processes. Although it is not necessary to give chemical structures, do give some descriptive detail. Why was the use of l[Jrcmlabeled C02 essential for elucidation of the pathway? Why is ATP necessary for the reduction process? Where is starch produced, and why do starch granules appear to get larger during the course of the day and smaller during the course of the night? in "fl’lé @CfilM Cycle . “Hat gag" p(OCé_§5' Can be Oksw beef 015‘ qubokwlq‘hoq’ which Minsk RUBIS‘CO I9 b-‘OA 4" C0.)~ WAR 1443 ‘(éfppf’mft'q‘fr maleaJQ, LL 1 4—0 ccea"? Q a 5- 'PHMQS‘YC‘“ 6—Pr Ap’l’er‘Hw 6' 8+6? If (€C‘(°C‘{wn whfle ATP VA Ufl-DH Care is' more 0° ’5‘: We games-5 by Inffiadl/CfA 010A expeiA’ qne op‘l’clesve molest/Leg, leam; q +(IflhOWI‘lq‘fi' +0 remqm. psefitfla'hth‘ ” {6‘8 6+6? (”T “’6‘" “‘1’ *UWW‘C I} m‘wnuf chz 7‘22 C» fimfl‘whmt «he Mame +. be5m ‘H'ae f?°\0+—on a” 0"“ 45mm. The use 94’ IHCquwa CO5L tab-paw;- ass-244.4 gar +4“: e‘v’C‘Aehén 04,44“? pe‘fhwmf beocwfe 3* hang a 44-94:?! m9 qéofi $707000 vflv 0‘5 00,305.95. Jm {hegrcuiow make-ale {44¢ 1mg (own vs‘my (I’C)u/[a e11 110w; q, A q—I-pfi-p? 0904;! S rnmv-ler, This q’lowecjg {he reggarehereg {3 den-(1% Q” 456,: comment: 019141, Maui,” 5% IOC‘A’E’W “HR lauds auger de%rw+ "Wmej r? s-lbpp «; 'Kxe FEQC‘l‘zan . ATP .5 nfccquty 7%,. {file “chant,“ dorm—‘55 becqw! “ADI-1L alum: Joe; r15!” SE? :5 mowed Ah”? .} “fem (CAVE-r (Acct gab 1“” fl." 'fleflm'é‘; 3L5” 5+q"(" ‘r Pw’éucfiim have enOUSL‘ ”duel”; pOwer qfid G4 (fl'fermrchkk 714W Oh/O‘QPI‘J-F and ‘Hdc ("Mon {fig-{e 54‘944 sfmuslcf Qfe. 0 /¢.r39r channs- {(49 d‘Y if _. to r bfcqase {4" m-‘Uaffl‘f ¢Q% W4C {bf 0e.” (7 (£11765 come: ‘Q‘om COl‘ comm: M'fi‘ Car %( 3°.de CGHr‘. HDWGUQI‘ q+ (”sh-L ’Cfs C01 (5‘ “536' 6'1: 'F’l? MQJG’J'L) 0? Carbon m} /‘FN MS! G'OCvIer Come: 3'0va rive“ 4“ m‘r‘G‘"! ficS"""‘¢r Qf‘smtlcr. i . r [4 V" wit; ‘57“, /- . f {M N WM id.” L441 .5 fifty/i ...
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IB 420 Quiz 3 - Plant Physiology N CPSC 484/IB 420&...

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