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5 a m2 b m3 c m1 d m0 6

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Unformatted text preview: ing common stock 5) ________ is the narrowest monetary aggregate that the Bank of Canada reports. 5) _______ A) M2 B) M3 C) M1+ D) M0 6) A ________ pays the owner a fixed coupon payment every year until the maturity date, when the 6) _______ ________ value is repaid. A) coupon bond; face B) discount bond; face C) coupon bond; discount D) discount bond; discount 7) Which of the following is true for a coupon bond? 7) _______ A) When the coupon bond is priced at its face value, the yield to maturity equals the coupon rate. B) The yield is less than the coupon rate when the bond price is below the par value. C) The yield to maturity is greater than the coupon rate when the bond price is above the par value. D) The price of a coupon bond and the yield to maturity are positively related. 8) Which of the following $5,000 face-value securities has the highest yield-to maturity? 8) _______ A) A 6 percent coupon bond selling for $5,500 B) A 10 percent coupon bond selling for $5,000 C) A 6 percent...
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