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IB 420 Quiz 2 - Plant Physiology IB 420/CPSC 484 Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: Plant Physiology IB 420/CPSC 484 Spring 2008 N811 Quiz #2 (40 points total) I. MATCHING (10 points total @ l point/question). Match the phrase best describing each term in the space provided on the right. habitg H9 If!“ I’ l3 I“ (l) phytosiderophore (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) macronutrient antiport rhizotron critical concentration arbuscule symport taproot (9) phenolics released by root (10) depletion zone ,a. Used to study root structure in soil. Structure by which mycorrhizal fungi transfer nutrients to plants. Minimum nutrient concen— tration in tissue adequate for a plant. Required at higher con— centrations for normal plant growth. Chemical used in the “Strategy II iron uptake mechanism". Low nutrient level in soil adjacent to roots. H+ movement drives solute movement in same direction across membrane. Oxidizes Fe3+ at the root surface. protein—mediating solute movement across a membrane from higher to lower concentration. Organization of roots with one major root axis. Released by the roots to capture 3043‘ during uptake. Chemical used in the "Strategy I iron uptake mechanism". H+ movement drives solute movement in opposite direction across membrane. II. SHORT ESSAY (10 points total @ 5 points/question). Answer eacr of the questions in the space provided (you can use the back of the page if necessary). (1) What are “essential mineral nutrients" and how do these differ from "beneficial mineral nutrients”? Be sure to discuss the “Criteria of Essentiality”. [559nch miner.“ nu+rl<n+s a“? C‘¢'c"'c{ C‘s "(CC—C‘G’Y pop q‘olc‘nl‘. '2‘ 14” W575 mea‘honed {A 4‘” "C'rffen'a 0-? E55:¢}f«l4+\‘: Tl»: C((‘l'er‘jg qrc q: gallows: I. NecaSSC-VY Q): pied ace-14“ ‘Prom kneel +0 sac!” 0'2. NU'H‘U‘" mn’l’ haug 0t. Specrofc Q“CE:OA fa w plan‘f. NV+"""E COMACS" ht Subjhalvéal by any 04‘1" 0v+r‘-"#- Mdf" be h{16((& «.11 Q‘lpIfifl'l'j) .. n,-(- a. specific (ecbuu'cmtrd . L'C a. dog; na+ fruit" 3-? 44.959 (quwgmvh’ff 'H’le’) CGA no+ b? $45!;(Q’ICI Rs’ CB’eR‘f-sl Ry ‘f‘w (Jami. Bene‘gCI-ql moi-(44+; 1 M 1’“: 0+9" [MAJ] do “0+ need 1L0 Mfd‘ +991? (Isotrnkenf-f and cam be daft—r. + A“! a: Improvm; overall p/<q+ amw'kt" 6.4. no 0300:!qu .Q r Sun'on , Elwmp(<:_SC-t+. (2) Plant membranes are composed of lipids (as a bilayer) and proteins. What role do these chemical components play in the "selective" movement of solutes across membranes? Thc Ltple,‘ bilayfr 1-; COMPOSPa 0‘? kvdophabt‘c +€£tlr QAc( hydroplin nee.er wlua‘ arm 0‘ bo‘rr're( b¢+weefi "HA? Wfi‘tdf cane; lflSlaf O'pq ’C-Yer 3r awed-we c3!» keg/fin). 04, [age mover?!» 0‘? Sold“: 0U+ A€Cfius‘c: are ‘H-hr‘ C'an n! ‘ '— ' O 7 “U” Q ‘Qw Malvculrs gig-(paw +‘1rog‘1- “H ’3“ MSW“ an evcpec'63( barf... fl“? Pr°+““\"f embedded 1;) -Hq( New,“ or: Accent”? +° {9+ mam, "$74056 {ah +6” nCCflS'S'C‘c ‘ Y CQZL They can be Channelr or Carr-rrf , and CQA be ' ‘ o. and (Ms: ’J "k r o be ( of ac, u-Q 5 . +L‘e e/edH‘ Chem, qf l 423' nd‘nén-IT +rqu¢ (l 8(admd', The“ 9co‘htflf Qt¢ Sane (Au 7 “‘SZh‘75é‘cc'K-139 ,-,‘ what at. 4,, r 4. - ~ ~ en pa prOV‘A'H" ‘H/Hf nICPSSarr gab-(17,“ ‘12: ‘Huc 54“ kt (2) III. ESSAY QUESTION (20 points). Three questions are listed below. Choose one question out of the three to answer in the space provided. Use the back of the page, if necessary. (1) Describe the pathway (and processes) by which mineral nutrients are acquired by root cells and then translocated across the root to the xylem for movement throughout the plant. Describe the process(es) involved in the uptake of iron, and what role do mycorrhizal fungi play in the uptake of mineral nutrients such as phosphorus? Rmr" 03((5 (5-? a” pic-5+ Cq.‘ olcbujrg nine—n+5 poem +59 801‘ by Mitzi"; 1+; CEC. Tm she‘d Jm 80“ Whl‘er We “‘6qu when 'HM {Had- ethlLr H*I—°*‘Y’;‘+° we 86‘" TI” “He'd ("M then +r0m5'p2f‘ +0 “We roo+ where “he? “'2 “64‘0"! or qushlfl ‘m‘nSppd-{d {0+0 4446 svmflafi 0-? avocfi. In 1‘44: 97mp‘~5+ $43 galah'aa Can 5.,qu 4446 CGSpgn-qn ssh/o ano‘ +rcmspo+ I'lfl’O vfhe verm per move/nut {C H‘, (5’: or? flue Plan“. Iron UF‘VQLC USUQHY QcW(9 l‘fl 4&0 wax/5. I {A dig-0+5. qflcj S+rh+e5v7m Iq manor-0+5. In S'I-vcd‘esy I [4" I ans‘ 0w: ewpcfleJ +9 “(ecu-t Fm I'd!) 11‘? 901‘ S‘Qll,+:fi’\ ( . The n ‘ F E + i 77- Pla‘ + 411'“ Vie; q“ [(94 (éc(uc+c1$(’ 1‘0 CL1445( +96 e O fit. The Fell ,‘I ask +o €+ra+c Tr L \_ .— 53mph; use; q 00mp°¢né chgJ phxfl'osudespkar‘ thQ Can b7n¢t C‘fto + a _ ’ IE V o " I" MOlCU/Le and be +6.qu bowie up (9., +95 oocrl-_ Mycu‘fliak Cvn ' 5| 9‘47 0M Mpor‘tad ' , ( . ’«n’é b¢ +3 Qb‘k’b‘n Ge. ALAS sue“ to e a P I Wt{ 44“ up Q; phosphemur. Th‘ 'Q’fij's Cam Jo More 2 ' Q9“, and or\ q lq.ser5.c¢1‘é M‘lecvtéf Q Men ,3 {<en "’- (d . 5e +51“ dcréc‘HY +r.ms¢0csr+¢d r‘fl‘l'o +1“ 0:1“er a}? +9;1' (“Ich 'f‘tpan mph-4'!) fOo+ ham,- [and #(g‘g chl" t +9! qpofll<y+ apfi p/anF who +1., {2, f: t TH.“ symét‘qgig wan-ES '5" by .2 —~ _ cause EW‘S' ((CLC‘J! O'SAnce male,qu p6,,“ «Hm: plum? :‘rs order +0 S". r (3) ...
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IB 420 Quiz 2 - Plant Physiology IB 420/CPSC 484 Spring...

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