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Unformatted text preview: dule TBA. TIPS FOR SUCCESS: This class is about learning fundamental issues in economics and applying an economic way of thinking to problems we encounter every day. As we develop a methodology for solving problems, I hope you will also develop a sense of intuition about economic issues. I am not too interested in formalism and memorization. To accurately test your knowledge, I will ask you some questions which may be perceived as requiring memorization, but most importantly I want you to show that you have truly learned the material and understand why it is important. As you study, you should always ask yourself questions that begin with the word “ Why” to gauge your comprehension (“How” questions are important too). Successful students are inquisitive. I will ask a lot of questions during class, and I hope you will respond. Please do not hesitate to ask questions either during or after class. Reading chapters ahead of time will greatly contribute to your success in class. I cannot stress this strongly enough. While I cannot promise to have all the answers, I can assure you that issues you feel are important will be addressed. Most importantly, if you feel that you are having difficulty with the class, please let me know as soon as possible. Do not wait until it’s too late. Use the office hours or make an appointment to see me (or send me questions via e-mail). You may also drop by my office for extra help any time you feel it is necessary, but you might want to call first to make sure I’m in. Final tip: Purchase a 3-ring binder for this course - there are numerous handouts. ACADEMIC HONESTY: As a student at UNCW, you are pledged to uphold and support the UNCW Student Academic Honor Code: The University of North Carolina Wilmington is a community of high academic standards where academic integrity is valued. UNCW students are committed to honesty and truthfulness in academic inquiry and in the pursuit of knowledge. This commitment begins when new students matriculate at UNCW, continues as they create work of the highest quality while part of the university community, and endures as a core value throughout their lives. Information about the Honor Code, including definitions of cheating and plagiar ism is found at: ALL ASPECTS OF THE UNIVERSITY HONOR CODE WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO. SPRING 2014 M/W CLASS SCHEDULE ~ Unit topic dates may change. Quiz and exam dates will not. Monday Wednesday 1/...
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