The final exam is comprehensive in coverage quizzes

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Unformatted text preview: course. The final exam is comprehensive in coverage. QUIZZES: Quizzes will be given at the beginning of the class on the scheduled date, and should take approximate ly 20 minutes. The format of the quizzes will be a mix of multiple choice questions, short answer, and graphing. “CHALLENGE QUIZ”: One of your quiz grades may be replaced during the semester by taking a “challenge quiz” prior to the next exam. This process entails submitting a formal written request (email is fine), and scheduling a time to take a much more difficult quiz on the same topics. Do not sign up to take a challenge quiz unless you are prepared to explain all of the material in great detail in your own words. By submitting the request and scheduling the challenge, you automatically forfeit the original quiz grade and accept the outcome of the challenge quiz. Quizzes that were missed because of an unexcused absence cannot be challenged. ATTENDANCE: Attendance will be taken randomly throughout the semester. Attendance is 10% of your grade. So, if I take attendance 10 times, and you are there for 9 of those classes, you will receive a 90% for that component of your grade. If you do not miss any classes, you will have an additional 2 points added to your final grade for the course. If you miss 3 or more classes you will have 2 points deducted from your final grade. Absences will only be excused for valid and documented University emergencies. MAKE-UP POLICY: Make up quizzes and exams will not be given for unexcused absences. If you know prior to the quiz or exam date that you will be missing class for an excused reason, you must schedule a make-up, preferably to be taken prior to the scheduled date. If your absence is excused after the quiz or exam, you must schedule a make-up as soon as possible. The make-up will be different, but equally challenging. If you do not have documentation for your absence, it will be unexcused and the quiz or exam will be scored a zero. SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION (SI): This course includes optional supplemental instruction twice per week. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning enhancement program provided by the University Learning Center, and is designed to organize and improve the ways in which students prepare for class outside of class. SI sessions are not a substitute for attending class, but are intended to improve your involvement, comprehension and synthesis of class content. The SI leader for this course is Tallon Wisdom ( Sche...
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