IB 420 Quiz 1 - IB 420 - Plant Physiology CPSC 484 Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: IB 420 - Plant Physiology CPSC 484 Spring 2008 Na] ¥_________—_——;——__“—_———__*‘_i Quiz #1 (40 points total) I. MATCHING (10 points total @ l point/question). Match the phrase best describing each term in the space provided on the left. O\ k g. ' _a_ [a __c_ if; _£7_ r m ,ifi l. ,2“; 7. 8. 9. 10. Mitochondria Plasmolysis Lipid Bilayer . Pressure Probe Chloroplast Plasmadesmata Solute Potential Casparian Strip Primary Cell Wall Thermocouple Psychrometer (a) (P) organelle in cell where energy metabolism takes place. determined by dissolved solutes. openings in the cell wall that allow adjacent cells to be connected. main structural feature of biological membranes. organelle in plant cell where photosynthesis takes place. measures tissue water potential. analagous to animal cell lysosome. bulging of the soil due to roots. pressure potential equals zero. evaporative water loss from plants. cell wall closest to plasma membrane at any time. plant eXplosion under high water flux. measures plant cell pressure potential. lst cell wall synthesis and may be most distant from the plasma membrane surface. structure consisting of waxy materials deposited in the radial walls of endodermal cells which acts as a barrier to free movement of solutes into the root xylem. street in Hollywood, Calif. known for trendy nightclubs and restaurants. II. SHORT ESSAY (10 points total @ 5 points/question). Answer each of the questions in the space provided (you can use the back of the page if necessary). (1) Briefly describe how the concept of water potential is utilized to predict the direction of water flow. What is the water potential of pure water? How does the water potential of a plant cell relate to the cell solute potential and pressure potential (i.e. mathematical relationship)? Worker LU: some (guy CLQJSG To “file 416:; [OM/£5" OUe fall! pa‘f‘pq£;r kwachre i C[ " é‘kwmulj QPQEVR? par/3+1 air ;A C?! '51:" [050147; "3‘ can [3 ’(¢{" Cf 4L]? 0J?(q \ Wfi'h" ‘C‘OWI The wtfi‘er Pa‘HA-le app)“; Wdé‘f L3“ n WC:th Pa+Cq+.c;[ o’pr-Jcmf Q2“ (doth; +0 0L cg“ goiahv Paiga‘gfif qqcf pmSJ—drf, pa%ea+‘;{ ( a L ‘ mi +61? Cc‘n (G25? fIQESEI€ g?" Igcaf<}‘:r “1%? goaffig (‘04.L647L lqrgfrp 0 "at V ' G? I; i T 1 - :9 . gin)" draws WA?! .A 1%6‘2nf “flier!” 4% fig“? 5,€&_?(€, p/éxs‘d/o fli1 ’,./J_ 5U([Q”"CC""( Kna.r<$nma,\(_ (2) Describe one method by which the water potential of a sample of plant tissue can be measured. A {flow (“cold by placed. [in q VO"‘+Y [p 39’“ :0” (76:05: me? / 4‘ aux/(“X {ACME {‘25 C oacefilafggk of SOIL/{(1 70‘; Cot/[J Cl€+€rfru; 6 M447” Pctea !‘C<( OI) “H46 [31:14“, JVFPHW‘V‘AS erg: CO4C€n4rc'7/7‘;A fie Cg” “ch 40 104599 cgic +0 Sappocrailxew (A) We reason bdq; 1'? ‘Hqc “104x. lit/(7146’! {304E-(FLQ( ‘lflflaf Cel{ Weed {a ‘flla Sl/{IOVrdpfir 591-144;; 7.§,’:~rs :' k # (2) What are the organs which comprise a plant and how does this hierarchy of structure/function organization differ from that of a higher mammal such as ourselves? A key aspect of plant cells (as opposed to animal cells) is the presence of a cellulosic cell wall. How is the fibrillar structure of the plant cell wall \ g believed to be generated? At the cellular level, how does the presence of the cell wall affect the water potential of the cell and the movement of substances between cells? Sum” i .p "A ‘ h_._i~—»r ‘ aux, [{4-"34 5': t:’\ r. \ 756 63‘59’1‘3 WI’I'ICL) comprise a p/on‘f' Qfg “#1? (05%, #654,951/C'AK flea lent-ash [’16 My in which ‘Ke ovemfl ‘Qnflgan 0‘0 (“3°05 {’3 q p{°"+ (1%? Q0” "06: l ~ ;5 ‘Hficd' 0'0 fie" nPeJ f, - @fjAAS Tmc‘i‘na" (0.4%" ma Ce ;5‘ cowmed 0-? 08¢“! yfficflv ['4 0(der flar ,qacwdvfil Sufi/:07 A in Qt“ {61? IV \ v “C efcflllfn{/Y op Q49 Qna‘F'me. ‘L n man’fleif 521cc, Q5 ob/«LJ‘D’ / eé/A- neezLAS (’QCII 44k" +0 5'0’45/6- 71‘? Ce” W4” ;" qunf \ ,3 m A l ( I a Y QLQW L(’(ch( {b b? [04; firemen” 01/: I/r‘?;ca44c¢'€¢c( my 80w LaseJ mute. Tm; Cc” Mn 44 - ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 5 q (rye-U9» lmPGc“ On W £Ao+;on,;( are [I Th5 neln\§23 S‘W “ (C v ‘ ° LI 0’5 0‘?” M” 'CMC‘MW’ 5%? de‘ M, I a “‘" » fr" it 6€Cauyé ’71! 3-177 41,5“); 5» 24015"? ’22 a bJOfL oer‘ql/n I e 60%)“ qf(‘_§~a4 gqgis‘. a”?! it ‘ F <2+wc4rw( 's 5*? - a I 0005‘ (Ana)? “(4, I; wQ+QP G+ pz‘lllgfln” - m y [‘2th («so as ( Q L S :- 7‘ I (M we c we anl 09:55va pdflmw 4%“qu 44w Wq H q” , +IQg-35éxjw. Iii???) {7 .5); j . “ AK.— \-rx, ‘3 .“J 17h W8 r‘ . w Lucia, a”; egg-9:43 {I ‘- Q‘HC“ Gar; 6.16:}: if “in”? ‘ "'9‘ (Pa? we“ 3‘ ...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course IB 420 taught by Professor Briskin during the Spring '08 term at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

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IB 420 Quiz 1 - IB 420 - Plant Physiology CPSC 484 Spring...

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