Weareconstantly expandingourpresencetoprovidealarger

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Unformatted text preview: e same time, we provide opportunities for communities, schools and individuals to sell our products in fundraisers and other events. We are constantly expanding our presence to provide a larger population access to the joy that is Krispy Kreme. Our day­to­day operations are designed to minimize our ecological footprint in an effort to preserve the environment for our customers. We have standardized the production process of our Mission & Vision Comparison Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. Mission ◦ To redefine the fast casual neighborhood café. We are defined by our fresh baked bagels and fresh brewed coffee, all served by our warm, friendly team in a comfortable, neighborhood café environment. Vision ◦ None Internal Assessment Internal Assessment: Financial Ratio Analysis Liquidity Ratio ◦ Ratios have almost doubled since 2011 1.55­2.89 Leverage Ratio ◦ Very well leveraged with ratios under 0.5 Earnings­Per­Share ◦ More than doubled since 2011 (SEC 10K, 2013.) Internal Assessment (Planes, 2014) Internal Assessment: Organizational Chart (Krispy Kreme, 2014) Internal Assessment: Market Positioning Map Internal Assessment: Marketing Strategy of KKD New product innovation ◦ Introducing new beverages, doughnuts, complementary items Relationship marketing programs Reemphasize marketing of new and existing longer shelf­life products Hot Light app for Smartphones and desktops Fundraising initiatives (SEC 10K, 2013) Internal Assessmen...
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